Incredisensual Panty Raid Laff Along

An intensive research-creation-presentation project from June 11 to July 5 2012 at the John Snow House in Calgary, AB.

Using the archives and resource centre of The New Gallery (TNG), housed in the historic John Snow House in Calgary, LIDS continued their meditations on feminist archiving, artistic labour, and mentorship within artist-run culture. The gals worked within, alongside, and against TNG’s archived history to expand the ways in which this history might be read. As always, tangential narratives, inter-generational artistic collaboration, connections to local historical lineages, and panties were revealed to the public.

The residency included informal performances, telekinesis practice, feminist art workers relay race, territorial acknowledgment, archival research, and series of afternoon tea discussions. A publication documenting our projects and conversations is now available for purchase at select Canadian artist-run centres or through your local LIDS rep.


LIDS extends our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed time, materials, labour, support, encouragement, and inspiration!

Thank yous to:
The New Gallery board and staff, especially Sheri Nault and Johanna Plant, Calgary 2012, Alberta Printmakers’ Society, Cindy Baker, Cynthia Broderick, Caitlind Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Sonia Edworthy, Ramin Eshragi-Yazdi, Amy Fung, Noel Heard, Melody Jacobson, Tom Jonsson, Christie Kirchner, Craig Leblanc, Kevin Lo, Michael Lupypciw, Val Mayes, Rita McKeough, Mireille Perron, Heather Kai Smith, Kevin Stebner, Sharon Stevens, Janice Black Stewart and Murray Stewart, TouVA, Sandra Vida, Stacy Watson, The members of the LIDS Men’s Auxiliary: Ryan Scott, Drew Anderson, Bryn Evans.

An extra big thanks to Janice Black Stewart (left) and all those who donated to our Panty Raid collection of women’s underwear and socks for local women’s charities. In total we collected over 250 pairs of panties and socks that have been delivered to The Mustard Seed, The Elizabeth Fry Society, and the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter: Anonymous, Sally Adams, Joy Belair, Emma Black, Lois Hameister, Janet Hardy, Gloria Letwin, Carolyn Martens, Helen Matella, Anne Matheson, Allison Soete, Avery Stobbe, Mildred Thill, and Barb Thompson.

More information about The John Snow House:
The John Snow House (JSH) is a designated heritage site of former resident John Snow, a master Alberta printmaker. The house is now a part of artist-run culture in Calgary, holding The New Gallery’s archive and Resource Centre, housing Artist Residencies, and offering unique community space. Since its inception, TNG has subscribed to current arts periodicals and collected catalogues through exchange programs with other artist-run centres and galleries. This long history has allowed TNG to develop a unique collection of material with a focus on emerging Canadian artists and artist-run culture. In addition to published materials, TNG keeps files on artists and groups who have shown in the gallery in the past 10 years. TNG’s collection of publications and artist files provides the content of the Resource Centre. The Centre houses over 3000 books and periodicals to inspire and educate researchers, students and the general public.

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