Future’s So Bright

As part of Future’s So Bright, Truck’s 25th anniversary exhibition in September 2008, LIDS presented a series of three performances that drew from and responded to aspects of Truck’s history. More broadly, these performances emerged out of our experiences as administrators in Calgary’s artist-run milieu, addressing ideas around community, mentorship, funding and fundraising, cultural labour, productivity, gentrification, and artistic and administrative burnout.

Atomic Cocktail Karaoke Madness A reenactment of a karaoke fundraiser that Truck hosted on Stride’s behalf in 1992. Dressed as 80s and 90s artist-run staff, LIDS hosted a karaoke party based on this historic event for the opening reception of Future’s So Bright. Part historical reenactment, part tribute to our artist run and feminist mentors, and part rowdy sing-along, this performance highlighted the multi-generational links between artists and administrators in Calgary’s arts community. Documentation of the evening was displayed on a small TV monitor in the gallery during the run of the exhibition, along with ephemera from the original 1992 event.

JdH: Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

A 3-day tribute to Jason de Haan, our artist peer and former Truck Programming Coordinator. Situated in the gallery and the blocks surrounding the Grain Exchange building, LIDS donned black converse sneakers, ballcaps, jeans and jean jackets as we experimented to identify the ideal ratio of Truck basement air to Peter Jackson cigarette and coffee consumption. The performance was documented in an exquisite photocopied JdH’s LIDS Paradise 2009 wall calendar, a limited edition artists’ multiple that was available for purchase at Truck. Anthea also wrote an article about this project for NOMOREPOTLUCKS.


Hell Is Paved With Women Who Didn’t Finish Their Sewing Projects

During this performance, LIDS hosted a crafting session to complete the heart-shaped boxes that we had originally intended to contribute to Truck’s Heartbreaker fundraising event in February of 2007. While LIDS is truly committed to supporting the fundraising efforts of Calgary’s arts community, sometimes we just don’t get around to it, you know? This performance will illustrate that lest we end up tiling the floors of hell, it is never too late to try and finish that sewing project.

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