LIDS in the Calgary Biennial: Atlas Sighed


As part of the 2015 Calgary Biennial, LIDS has slacked off once again by creating a custom risographed letterhead for official correspondence with festival organisers. Watch for other lazy contributions to the event, coming soon. Like in March, maybe.

From the Calgary Biennial website:

Atlas Sighed: The 2014–15 Calgary Biennial is a guerrilla exhibition of contemporary art. Comprising numerous infiltrations into public space, this endeavour appropriates commercial vernaculars of the urban landscape in order to challenge conservative status quos.

Working monumentally and secretly, the following artists will be taking over billboards, bus shelters, telephone poles, newspapers, alleyways, administrative offices, cellphones, and the sky itself to realize this project: Dick Averns, Brittney Bear Hat, Steven Beckly, Victoria Braun, Bogdan Cheta, Alannah Clamp, CONSULTANCY GROUP, the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society, Natalie Lauchlan, Yvonne Mullock and Mia Rushton, Sans façon, Dan Zimmerman, and others.

The Biennial will be dispersed throughout Calgary and its suburbs from December 1, 2014 through to March 31, 2015 with support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Pattison Outdoor, and anonymous sponsors. A number of conversations and public events will be held as part of this exhibition. Additional details will be released throughout the next few months.